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Engelstad Consulting can help you develop a custom campaign strategy that delivers your message as you intended it. Engelstad Consulting believes in efficient and resourceful campaign management for the best possible price.
High-quality management leads to high-quality results. By running well-organized campaigns with sound and proven strategy Engelstad Consulting can help you achieve your political goals and aspirations.
A keen understanding of local politics allows for a unique perspective. Engelstad Consulting understands local issues and sensitivities and can help you mold your message to attain succes.
A carefully laid plan is the key to winning any election. Utilizing game theory, common sense, and the Internet, we can help you craft and execute a plan that leads to success.
Let Engelstad Consulting help you execute your current plan. Whether you need your strategy reworked or one crafted from the ground up, we can accommodate your needs.

Recently the website MySpace surpassed Google as the number one most visited site on the Internet. This online social network offers a glimpse into the future of politics. Although MySpace is more social in nature, Engelstad Consulting feels that this same type of network can be utilized to connect like minded individuals to gather a huge amount of custom information. Imagine being at every water cooler in your market and getting instantaneous feedback nearly 24 hours a day. Engelstad Consulting can provide the framework and the marketing to make this dream a reality.